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Ella Baché Beauty Salon Franchise Owner Testimonials

Stories from some of our thriving Salon Owners.

Ann and Graham Thatcher

Salon Owner
Five Ella Baché salons in Brisbane

Ann and Graham Thatcher10 YEARS OF HARD WORK and commitment have been officially commended after Ann and Graham received the accolade of being named Queensland ‘Multi-unit Franchisees of the Year’ by the Franchise Council of Australia.

"Ann and I are overwhelmed by the win, especially being up against so many other great business operators," Graham said.

The Thatchers, who employ over 40 people, have enjoyed strong growth in their business enjoying an average 12 percent increase each year.

Ann, who had always been an Ella Baché customer, said she initially started the business as her career change move but it soon grew and became something the couple could build a future on.

"I had always wanted to start my own business and I did a lot of research before deciding on a beauty franchise," she said. "The idea originally dawned on me after I recognised there was no therapy based salon catering to the corporate market with suitable before and after work sessions," she said.

"I loved that the brand was so established, it had already been around 50 years when we started, and I really liked the idea of being part of a family business that was still managed by family members.

"The fact we did not have to be a therapist to run the business was another benefit but we certainly had to work hard to understand and learn about the nuances of the beauty industry. This has led us to purposefully surround ourselves with experienced and talented therapists and salon managers."

The Thatchers success is attributable to being able to maintain strong growth in relatively challenging economic and retail times.

"We have had strong year-on-year growth for the past five years even though the overall retail industry was hit pretty hard. We have never stopped marketing and we have invested heavily in training to maintain an impeccable standard and experience in our salons.

Ann said the continual support they received from the franchise gave them the confidence to take risks early.

"Running our own business has certainly presented us with some challenges over the past decade but it has also been very rewarding. "We have had support every step of the way from Ella Baché to ensure we have remained on the right path to success.

Debbie Bell

Salon Owner
Ella Baché Fannie Bay

Debbie Bell"I've been a Beauty Therapist for more than 20 years and I discovered Ella Baché's skincare range in the early days of my career. I was very impressed with results, so when I decided to open my own salon the choice of which skincare brand to align myself with was easy.

I've owned and operated my salon for 15 years and, even though I only became a franchisee a few years ago, I've always stocked Ella Baché. Becoming a franchise was appealing because of the training and support provided by head office. I also identify with the core values of the company

My revenue has increased since I became a franchisee, and my ability to lead the team has been reinforced. I value the interaction I've had with other franchisees and the sense of belonging that comes with being part of the Ella Baché family. Our awards evening is fantastic and we come together to enjoy three days of brainstorming which is a first-class learning experience.

I'm looking forward to my future with Ella Baché and see myself becoming a multi-salon owner over the next few years."

Lauren Chivas

Salon Owner
Ella Baché Erina

Lauren Chivas"I fell in love with Ella Baché products while studying at the Ella Baché College. I was 18, fresh out of school and couldn't wait to learn everything about the beauty industry. I walked away with a Diploma in Beauty Therapy, a passion for skin and a desire to continue working with the same amazing products.

There was no Ella Baché salon on the Central Coast so I made it my goal to become the first. After gaining five years' experience in the industry, my dream finally came true!"

Samantha Doolan

Salon Owner
Ella Baché Mordialloc

Samantha Doolan"My journey with Ella Baché began 14 years ago. I'd always had a keen interest in the beauty industry, so I decided to return to school to do a part-time Diploma of Beauty Therapy whilst working full-time in an unrelated field. I was fortunate enough to secure a weekend position as a Beauty Therapist in an Ella Baché salon and I loved the work. I left my 'day job' and took a full-time role as an Ella Baché Therapist.

The chance to purchase the salon I was working in arose three years later and I jumped at the chance - it was a dream came true! Motivated by pride, ambition, a strong work ethic and passion, I was able to establish a fabulously loyal client base that values our commitment to customer service and a brand that delivers results.

All the dedication, commitment and passion have translated into a multi-award winning salon - the recognition is very satisfying!"

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