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Welcome Ella Baché Beaumaris

October 14, 2016 Posted By Ella Baché

Recently we announced the opening of our very exciting new Ella Baché Beaumaris salon, just south of the Melbourne CBD. Ella Baché Welcomes Simon and Mel Shepherd to the network as owners of the Beaumaris salon.


1. Your background is in the Finance Industry, why did you decide to open a business in beauty?

Being from a Finance and Banking background I was quite surprised to discover such strong growth in the beauty industry. Advances in medical technology, the marketing behind it, the large beauty industry presence on social media and a growing appetite from an increasingly affluent, self-aware market has led to great growth.


2. Why did you choose to buy into a franchise network rather than an independent small business?

In the end it just made the most sense to us! While my wife Mel and I have great experience in regards to retail and finance, we were lacking in beauty industry experience. We knew we needed the trust filled hands of a well-known brand.

So a franchise network with a good support network looked like the best option, it became the most logical and comfortable choice to launch ourselves into the beauty industry!


3. Why Ella Baché?

After researching a large number of franchised brands and models, we found that Ella Baché had the best franchise model for the franchisee. Ella Baché has an excellent national support network, a nationally recognised Beauty College and locally manufactured product, as well as a committed Franchisor, a very favourable Franchise arrangement with minimal annual fees to the franchisee and boasts the largest beauty franchise network in Australia. What stood out most to me is that Ella Baché is the most recognised brand in the industry with a proud history dating back to 1936 – prior to WWII France where they pioneered responsible skin care.


4. You recently had your Winter Launch Party! How did that go?

It was a great night! We decided to hold it three doors down in a local cafe where we had a French themed atmosphere including canapés and drinks with a great acoustic band for the night, Vive La Difference. We invited a lot of friends and family, new clients of course, as well as local business owners.

We chose to use the night as an opportunity to not only introduce us as a new business and new business owners in the area, but to raise money for Australian Cancer Research Foundation through Ella Baché treatment offers – and a tanning challenge! Male patrons received a spray tan, which led to Ella Baché Beaumaris donating. Alternatively, if they didn’t want to tan they donated cash to the cause themselves.  

Everyone had the opportunity to go through the salon in small groups where our therapists, our wonderful Victorian Trainer Anthea, and Sebastien from France Medical educated the rotating groups in how a beauty salon operates, the equipment, the techniques and of course the products. It was a great way to introduce the product to those who had never used it before, as well as get to know our clientele and neighbouring businesses,

We welcome Ella Baché Beaumaris to the network and look forward to successful journey of the salon.

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