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Social Media for Business

July 21, 2016 Posted By Ella Baché

In the last few years business owners have gone from questioning whether social media was a good long-term investment, to wanting the best possible social strategy to drive business forward effectively and efficiently. An engaged and motivated social media community is absolutely essential for a business to thrive in the current fast-paced digital landscape.

As a business in market today, you have the ability to boost your customer base and following through the power of social media marketing by ensuring that content is engaging, relevant and seen by the right eyes at the right times.

Studies show that;

  • 81% of consumers research online before making big purchases

  • 74% of adults use social

  • 3 in 5 small businesses note an increase in new customers from using social media.[1]

While social media is used differently for each industry, your strategy should be based on your goals as a business. Here are our top pieces of advice for marketing on social media;

Balance Your Content

The general rule for social media activity is to ensure balanced content.  Don’t be afraid to push your products/services and mix it up with content that:

  • Is relevant to your customer base (tips, tricks, lifestyle)

  • Comes from other people (blogs, news articles etc)[2]

  • Balance sales posts with informative, market relevant content (to increase sales and customer base without  annoying customers).

Create Effective Advertising on Facebook & Instagram

Marketing and advertising across Facebook and Instagram has become a must have skill for business owners. In January 2015, Facebook introduced a new algorithm which prioritised some business posts over others due to a large volume of businesses joining and promoting on Facebook. The new algorithm pushes relevant content to users and can be controlled by businesses using Ads Manager and targeted advertising via the Facebook Business Centre.

This means that without using ads manager or ‘boosting,’ your posts, your content will now only reach roughly 4-6% of your following or  ‘organic reach.’[3]

Social Media Etiquette

Use the following guidelines when posting to make sure your marketing is impactful:

  1. Credit your images: When using another brand or  person’s images in your own social media profile, it’s courteous to tag them in your photo using the [@] and their profile name

  2. Don’t post more than 1 image at a time: Your followers are likely following hundreds of other profiles and have a busy news feed.   Stay at top of mind and  avoid spamming followers with your images by keeping posts to a maximum of 3 per day, staggered across the day.

  3. Respond to comments within 24 hours: Create a great experience for your brand by engaging with followers by  responding within 24 hours.

  4. Hashtags: Keep hashtags to a minimum and include only thosewhich are relevant.

Post at the right time for the right eyes

Relevant content is about assessing your customer, their interests and when they are likely to view social media to make sure your content is seen.  For example, young women with school aged children are likely to engage with content relevant to them after school drop off or when their children are in bed, when they are not busy with their children.

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