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New Salon Opening - Ella Baché Springfield

April 27, 2016 Posted By Ella Baché

Opening on the 5th of May 2016 in the Orion Springfield Central shopping centre, Ella Bache Springfield will bring the brand to the greater Springfield area in a luxurious new salon.  The salon will stock the full range of Ella Baché products and deliver our iconic beauty treatments. 

We welcome Jenny Gibson, Ella Baché Springfield’s owner, who sat down with us to answer a few questions on herself and her experience with Ella Baché and the beauty industry so far;

Tell us about your career background so far

I've worked in both Sydney and London in a variety of project roles for fund managers and hedge funds.  Although I enjoyed my career, especially my time in London, life moves on and when I returned to Brisbane I was looking for a career change.  Although I don't have a background in the beauty industry, my most enjoyable roles have always been those that enabled me to focus on customer service and building relationships, which I think will help enormously when the Springfield salon opens.

What drew you to Ella Baché as a brand & the beauty industry?

I've always loved the beauty industry as a consumer and felt passionate about bringing the experience of a great salon to more people in my local area. 

There are so many reasons to choose the Ella Bache brand!  The brand has such history and prestige and the products have managed to become both aspirational and attainable at the same time.  It's still very much a family company that is caring and compassionate and actively working to produce products that are tailored for our Australian climate.  The standards of the Ella Bache brand are high, both for treatments and for products, and ensuring that our customers always receive these high standards is something I am committed to.  


Why did you decide to go into franchising?

I've always wanted to own my own business, but the thought of starting something from scratch was a little daunting.  Franchising means that I have some support along the way, to provide a wealth of knowledge and experience I can draw on when needed and to make sure I am operating at the level that I need to be.


What are you most passionate about in business?

I’m most passionate about knowing my customer, ensuring that they always receive the best treatments and customer service as well as ensuring that I continue to evolve with my local customers needs.  This is a local business and it will only succeed by listening to my customers and delivering what they want to exceptional standards.


Why do you think Springfield will love Ella Bache?

Springfield and its surrounding suburbs are such a thriving community and my vision for the salon is for it to grow with the Springfield community, providing employment opportunities and support for local initiatives.  

I also think Springfield and the surrounding suburbs will really embrace the Ella Bache brand, the philosophy that everyone's skin is unique and that skin solutions should be tailored to the individual.


What are 3 things you’ve learned about starting a franchise?

Firstly, you can't rely solely on the brand to bring in customers.  Local marketing and tailoring your services to the needs of your customers is key.  

Secondly, lean on the knowledge of both the Franchisor and the other Franchisees who have been in your shoes before and can provide valuable insights throughout the set up of your own business.  

And lastly, there is still a lot of effort needed to run the business from a legal and accounting perspective.  Surrounding yourself with qualified professionals who can provide you with good advice is essential.  

What are 3 things you’ve learned about the beauty industry?

It's so different to the world of Finance & IT!  Firstly, it's a much more female dominated industry than I'm used to, which will change how I communicate and what qualities I value in my staff.

Secondly, there are so many new developments in the industry which makes it such an exciting time to be involved.  Scientific research is discovering and refining ingredients as well as treatments all the time, so there is a steady pace of change that we need to keep up with.

And finally, our clients are all so knowledgeable about treatments and products.  We need to listen and respond to what our clients want so that we can continue exceeding their expectations and ofcourse - keep them coming back!

Getting ready to launch a salon is such an exciting time. What is your most favourite part of the work day?

The work day is just so varied and that makes it so interesting.  One minute I can be talking about the salon fit out, the next I can be recruiting staff and then I can be talking to my bookkeeper about invoices.  No two days are ever the same and the diversity is really challenging.  But most of all, I love meeting people and this adventure has just opened up a whole new world of amazing new people that I feel privileged to be getting to know.

Visit the Ella Baché Springfield website here or follow them on the Ella Baché Springfield Facebook

If you want to find out more about salon opportunities with our brand, contact our Ella Baché franchise department

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