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Franchise vs. Independent Small Business

April 13, 2016 Posted By Ella Baché

When you’re thinking of starting your own business the first decision is do you buy a franchise, or set up an independent small business and go out on your own? If you’re an entrepreneur looking at your options, there are pros and cons to both that need to be assessed.

The first few years of setting up a business, be it franchise or independent, are hard work. As with all small businesses there are no guarantees and you will get out of the business what you put in. When assessing the options, it comes down to what you want more of; flexibility to run with your own ideas and business model, or the safety of an established brand and support.

Independent Small Business


  • Start up brandStarting your own business will require you to do your own research, business plans and marketing.
  • Lack of support and trainingWithout a team of professionals, you will need to manage your own human resource and training of staff members.
  • Working more hours the businessCompleting all the research, strategy planning and hiring/training staff members will require more time and effort spent to run your business smoothly, including the hours required of you in the store itself.


  • FlexibilityBeing your own boss, you have the opportunity to change strategy and plan without first consulting your franchisor.                                        
  • IndependenceYou will only have yourself to answer to as owner of the business.
  • Own business model and conceptYou will have the ability to have full creative and concept control over the business.



  • Franchise feesAn agreed upon portion of your business earnings will go to the franchisor.
  • Restricted to the franchise modelA franchise model is set on a national scale to ensure brand alliance across all franchises
  • Less overall flexibilityA franchisor will provide new business owners a structured, proven business model to follow.


  • Brand awareness, marketing and established client followingA franchisee will be starting out in a brand which is already known within a market and therefore will have an already established client following.
  • Expert business support and trainingYour franchisor will have a team of industry trained experts behind their brand who will train and support you who will also have the same goal as you, to ensure your business does well!
  • Work life balanceWith all the support that comes behind a franchised business, you will find yourself working less hours for your business than you would behind an independently owned business.


Whichever direction you are drawn to it is key that you self assess against your business goals. Are you the person who enjoys being creative, innovative and having control over your concept? If so, with some hard work, independent could be the way to go. Alternatively would you prefer to run with a ready-made system?  Buying into a franchise provides a “buy out of the box” business experience with an operating manual, creative guides and immediate expert support.

If you’d like to discuss the benefits of franchising and how Ella Baché could suit your business and lifestyle goals, please contact our Franchise Department.

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