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Introduction to Ella Baché's Philosophy

April 14, 2015 Posted By Tipping Point
“Ella Baché is all about providing results driven skin solutions based on your skin condition. Our therapists are all highly trained and use a range of over 300 different products and treatments, which are then tailored to suit each individual skin needs. We knew that the people of Cranbourne would really appreciate the high quality skincare and luxury that having an Ella Baché store provides; because it is something we would have appreciated ourselves!”
-Adrian Tan, Ella Baché Cranbourne

There’s a distinct spark that lights up in our customers, our skin therapists and salon owners whenever we talk about Ella Bache.

It’s a spark of joy, of confidence and enthusiasm about our brand, our people and above all, our product.

The expertise of our Therapists and our result-driven products and treatments are the reason our salon owners succeed and why our clients keep coming back for more. Although there are many things that make our product and treatment range great, these four in particular make what we offer truly special.

1.    We Don’t Typecast

In the skincare industry, there is a tendency to typecast skin into dry, normal or oily. To think this way is to essentially distill 6 billion people into just three skin types. Not only in this inaccurate but it can also cause serious skin problems.

In France, 1936, one woman started thinking differently. Madame Baché, a chemist by trade, believed that just as we are genetically different, so too is our skin. Her philosophy of “no two skins are alike” led her to create a business based on the principle of providing skin diagnosis and individual skin solutions.
To this day, our products are not typecast by general skin types. Instead, our product ranges are categorised by skin concerns. As a person may have one or several concerns, the solutions they receive will depend on their official skin diagnosis, carried out by a highly qualified skin therapist. Products are then carefully selected based on the individual skin needs. After all your skin is unique to you, so we believe your skincare solution should be just as unique.

2.    Highest Quality Ingredients

As a cosmetic chemist, Madame Baché had an intimate understanding of the skin’s function and devoted herself to helping protect it. She strongly believed that in order to create products that would withstand the test of time, they needed to be of the highest available quality; leading her to explore the benefits of natural ingredients.

As a brand, we have proven ourselves to be true innovators and leaders in our field. Our distinct use of ingredients sets us apart from the competition and gives us a unique selling point that resonates with clients.

3.    Exclusive Treatments

Any salon can give you a facial, but only an Ella Baché salon can tailor one specifically to your needs, delivering an experience of the highest quality ingredients, standards and results.

Our unique treatments carry our philosophy that ‘no two skins are alike’ and as such they are designed not only for relaxation, but also to address a client’s individual concerns. That’s why we have developed treatments to suit any and every potential skin condition and/or concern.

4.    Expertise of Ella Baché trained Therapists.

An Ella Baché Therapist is a source of expert skin knowledge. She sees it as her duty to share this knowledge with every client through the process of an expert Skin Consultation and Skin Diagnosis to help them achieve their best skin.

Their expert skincare tips give our clients an understanding of which products and treatments are right for them, and their ongoing advice equips them with a lasting strategy to protect and preserve their skin into the future.

From holistic treatments to individually tailored solutions based on the in-depth knowledge and expertise of Ella Baché trained Therapists, it’s easy to see why we remain Australia's premiere salon network.

If you’re interested in owning an Ella Baché salon or want to learn more about our franchise opportunities, contact us today.

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