• Welcome To The New Ella Baché Franchise Blog

Welcome To The New Ella Baché Franchise Blog

December 04, 2014 Posted By Ella Baché

It’s an exciting time for the Ella Baché franchise team, and not just because Christmas is approaching. We are launching our franchise blog!

We want this blog to be a great resource to existing and potential or aspiring franchisees, as well as those operating businesses in the beauty industry. We would love to create a hub specifically for beauty salon business owners where we can all share ideas, discuss the latest trends and solve problems together.

Our blog will focus on a whole range of topics, all of which are discussed below.


Franchise businesses offer a range of benefits compared to traditional business models. These blogs will focus on franchise businesses from a very broad perspective, focusing on the basics of franchise businesses as well as discussing trends surrounding the franchise industry in Australia.

Salon Ownership     

Owning a salon is both exciting and can be daunting. This series looks to shed light on salon ownership, and provides advice and tips for current and potential franchise owners around a broad range of topics, including marketing, business management and common issues.


Owing your own business is very fulfilling, but it also takes a bit of guts. This is where the entrepreneurial spirit kicks in! The posts in this category will discuss entrepreneurship & provide start-up advice and tips. We also want to use this space to learn together and discuss some fun topics around entrepreneurship.

Health & Beauty

At Ella Baché we endeavour to take a very personal approach to skin care. This also means staying in touch with the latest trends in the health and beauty industry. These blogs will discuss the latest and greatest both from a business and a marketing perspective impacting the health and beauty industry. We also want to look into some of the more fun developments (fish pedicures anyone?).

Ella Baché Brand  

We all love a good success story and we have so many to share! These posts focuses on the Ella Baché franchise group, the benefits of a Ella Baché Salon as well as discussing some of the frequently asked questions and providing resources for those wanting to improve their salon experience or are considering joining the Ella Baché team.

As mentioned we would love to establish a space for beauty salon owners to discuss and learn, so please feel free to submit ideas and topics you would love to find out more about!

If you would like any information about joining the Ella Baché team, please feel free to contact us. 

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